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Industry introduction

In recent years, with the support of the state and the provinces and cities in shipbuilding industry, the shipbuilding industry in China has grown steadily. The State Council approved the "adjustment and revitalization plan" pointed out that the shipbuilding industry to accelerate the restructuring and revitalization, must take positive measures to support stability, shipbuilding orders, reduce risks, to ensure stable and rapid industrial development; control of new shipbuilding capacity, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, improve the comprehensive strength of large enterprises, the formation of new competitive advantages to speed up the independent; innovation, development of high technology, high value-added ships, marine engineering equipment development, cultivate new economic growth point.

We will always uphold the principle of industry and new leading technology to keep pace, to meet the market demand and the major challenges of the changing; committed to the development of high quality and high added value of valve products, make its due contribution to China's ship manufacturing industry.

By providing customized marine valve solutions to help shipbuilders and ship owners select the right valve products, cost savings and risk reduction. To standardize the valve products, reduce maintenance parts demand, and ultimately help ship owners to reduce the cost of product maintenance. Our valve products are versatile and help customers save space and weight, which is of great significance to space tight submarines and ships.

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